To have Hernandez, the one and only thing missing away from respectable consensual unions is legally binding approve of your county

Hernandez reasoned you to definitely mere judge sanction from a sexual connection could never be the sole evidence that a person is actually a genuine and you will ethical resident

For some reason my suggestion goes contrary to the earliest and you will fundamental place out of marriage, however, even in the event we have been and only matrimony, as is fitted of males which build regulations for all of us, we need to quietly thought mans correct problem. Taking into account that rules derives of reality, these males have joined right here to type a structure which wipes brush the new problems of the past and seeks a separate roadway money for hard times, [thus] it’s important which they judiciously studies the new criteria of one’s surroundings and you may come to the finish there are anything within the our life and also in our society that we simply cannot when you look at the in any manner romantic our very own attention, that we have to deal with valiantly. 51

By saying one good disjuncture resided anywhere between legislators’ ideals and you can “public truth,” Hernandez debated one to she is fighting getting Cubans who were perhaps not commonly considered varieties of sexual propriety and you will, ergo, had been unjustly disenfranchised

You will find arrive at the Assembly so you’re able to moderately protect, with the good my feature, new Cuban girl, the fresh partnered lady, the fresh new single girl, the latest white lady, the fresh new black colored girl, people of all of the classes. I must declare that there are a great number of Cuban ladies in tough and uncomfortable things, that are as the honorable and also as worthy of merit due to the fact was most other women, that just while the she is in the a totally free relationship, doesn’t mean that people should think about the girl and her members of the family depraved. 52

Twenty-several out from the sixty-half a dozen System participants planning the lesson chosen in order to approve Hernandez’s proposition. The majority of people who chosen inside the favor reasoned so it create assist people in the consensual unions to meet up with the same obligations and you may duties one to married men was indeed bound to see and you will, hence, manage cover every woman and children. Including, progressive Set up representative Capablanca contended that “although it [Hernandez’s amendment] looks paradoxical, from becoming…an attack toward relationships, it is a shelter from it.” 53 He said, “When men know that he’s accountable for girls with whom they have a consensual relationship and for the students one effect from these totally free unions, they doesn’t practice consensual unions in matrimony.” 54 Capablanca West Palm Beach escort service depicted people because the almost naturally irresponsible, and you can designed that women necessary State defense against them. Someone else echoed his rationale.

not, more Assembly members, progressives and you may traditionals, balked in the Hernandez’s idea, arguing that it was not that lead so you’re able to popular progress and would grant legal rights and privileges so you’re able to undeserving, depraved citizens. Conventional Set-up representative Cortina contributed a great demanding endeavor up against Hernandez’s proposition, shaping their dissent as a battle getting modernity, improvements, and you can society. The guy asserted that a constitutional make sure to look at consensual unions similar to help you court marriages do fundamentally publish Cuba regarding towards an appropriate road divergent regarding compared to “all the humane countries on earth” and you will “damage…new matrimonial program, and also make [it] entirely ineffective.” 55 Cortina prophesied, “When it amendment was basically recognized, we possibly may make a big frustration within the courtroom wedded life, and now we do make the effects of your governmental trend and this i have simply stayed owing to, to sectors your sentimental and you can household members lifetime, [sectors] and therefore won’t need to end up being transformed in the radical and you may perturbing way that was recommended.” 56 To have Cortina, the fresh 1933 revolution is a governmental wave, and you will then change will be just apply to politics: Social situations can be remaining alone.