Superstition states that the sex of your own kids will be the intercourse of your own couple’s very first son

Mode New Go out

There are specific times of the entire year whenever Greek partners carry out perhaps not contain the wedding ceremony as they are Orthodox. Greeks consider this bad luck to find hitched to your following dates:

  • First two months out-of August given that Greek Orthodox invest him or her towards Virgin Mary
  • Forty days ahead of Xmas
  • The whole age of Borrowed (forty days before Easter).
  • 30 from August
  • fourteen Sep

With regards to new months from January and you may Summer, Greeks imagine her or him good days getting wedding because of the relationship on ancient Greeks. Basically, January and you can Summer is days dedicated to Hera, this new goddess out-of fertility, as well as the wife out of Zeus.

True blessing Brand new Bands

At the start of the Greek relationship, the happy couple commonly place the rings into info of its hands as well as the koumbaro commonly change him or her 3 x- (following the rule off around three). After that, this new priest blesses the happy couple and set this new bands on their hand.

The couple wears new bands on the right-hand in addition they signify their brand new ”son and you may wife” reputation During the ceremony the couple keeps their give together because symbolic of unity among them the brand new organization away from an everlasting thread.

Relationship CROWNS (STEFANA)

Similarly to the marriage bands, relationship crowns or Stefana are widely used to denote the beginning of an effective relationship. Nonetheless they signify the fact that the couple will rule their domestic together. Usually, christian cafe Recenze stefana are manufactured from flowers, gold otherwise gold and generally are joined together by a-strand out-of bend.

Predicated on this Greek wedding lifestyle, the latest koumbaro usually exchange back and forth the brand new crowns three times until the priest blesses the couple and take away brand new crowns.

Candles Plus the Popular Mug

Several other Greek wedding lifestyle is the common mug. Centered on that it the couple shares this mug each out-of him or her products about three sips from wines about glass. The wine try symbolic of lifetime as well as the discussing was a sign of the way the partners tend to express effortlessly its existence together.

Simultaneously, the happy couple holds candle lights from the relationships while the a symbol of this new white from Christ. These candles is burn totally on the chapel otherwise yourself nonetheless they will never be thrown out.


Koufeta, fresh almonds with a sugar-coating exist in the most common traditional Greek wedding receptions. New egg figure stands for virility, love as well as their bittersweetness represents the nice as well as the crappy pieces of all marriages.

Although not, the fresh new sugar coating is intended to equilibrium they with pleasure and you will this new endurance regarding wedding. The new koufeta is splendidly manufactured with the bomboniere for the odd numbers and you will customers might have them following marriage.

Remembering The wedding

Lastly, as you may know, the new Greek relationship occasion are noisy and you may fascinating. In the past, brand new crushing away from dishes was a common marriage personalized, but right now it is out of fashion.

There can be really glee and you will passion on surroundings and you will of course dancing are a primary part of the occasion.

Specifically, the most popular Greek dances in the wedding parties was Tsamiko, Zeimbekiko, Syrtaki, Kalamatianos In these old-fashioned dances this new attendants dance on rhythm if you find yourself holding hands from inside the a circle. The very last moving is predicated on the bride and groom and new travelers provide them with money.

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