Because the 1940s Dominican immigration so you can Puerto Rico of the water paths has increased continuously

Traveling between the two countries has long been relatively simple. For a long time regular ferry services have been popular between your several countries taking cheaper transportation getting guests, autos, or other heavy affairs. Traveling during the a laid-back styles because of the brief slow ship is also mix the latest 100-kilometres Mona Route in approximately a day based on environment and ocean currents.

Brand new flow of migration you to first started from the middle-sixties accelerated from the eighties in the event that Dominican Republic sustained financial credit crunch and you will large jobless. Like their Haitian neighbors of numerous terrible Dominicans will panel brief, overcrowded wooden ships, known as yolas, and you can lead across the treacherous Mona Passage on the answer to Puerto Rico. Dangers were drowning or becoming used alive of the sharks immediately after capsizing inside heavier seas or becoming pushed from flooded vessels which might be in danger of sinking; or dying out-of appetite and dehydration immediately swinging heaven following getting lost at the sea for several days,

Once the mid-eighties, the us Coast guard have intercepted more than 24,eight hundred undocumented Dominicans trying arrived at Puerto Rico because of the yola Additionally, on average regarding the step 3,five hundred undocumented immigrants was in fact deported on a yearly basis in the 1990s, ninety % out of which were Dominicans.

Current situations

The fresh new big violence into the Dominicans from inside the Puerto Rico, in addition to their numbers in addition to their apply to into the wage levels continues to become exaggerated on the media.

Dominicans is ridiculed regarding preferred mass media once the comical, ignorant, smart, and you can unruly letters. Graffiti such as for instance ‘Demise to Dominicans’ provides from time to time checked for the public walls about money and you will unknown brochures denouncing ‘Brand new Dominican Plague’ was basically delivered and distributed during the educational meetings.


As the racialist classification plus describes Dominicans as actually extremely black colored and ‘mulatto’ hence a threat, the brand new Puerto Rican authorities have a tendency to arrest Afro-Puerto Ricans rather than identity, incase them to become unlawful Dominican migrants.

The new connecting of the concept of being ‘dominican otherwise dominicano’ having becoming ‘black colored otherwise negro’ will make it much harder to have immigrants is approved by prominent people.

Unlawful migration

Thus we have witnessed an increase in the new Dominican mafia from inside the Puerto Rico, which has led to executions and you will shootouts between by themselves as well as the Puerto Rican mafia or any other underworld groups.


By the great number of life which can be lost inside the yola travel, governments off Puerto Rico therefore the Dominican Republic provides launched big media campaigns to attempt to reduce the traffic. Regarding Dominican Republic, movies away from deceased authorities toward water are offered on television given that a deterrent.

Puerto Rican nationals whom subscribers during the illegal immigrants in order to Puerto Rico deal with very long periods for the prison when the apprehended although not Dominicans whom rating stuck usually are flown back to their nation toward air carriers where they don’t really face violent fees.


There was now a high rate away from intermarriage ranging from Dominicans and you will Puerto Ricans. This is reflected from inside the an increase exactly how many individuals of Dominican ancestry who are created for the Puerto Rico. The increase inside the next age bracket Dominicans is additionally mirrored throughout the expanding matter pupils regarding Dominican origin regarding college program. It is posing a critical problem towards the Puerto Rican informative construction. A few of the growing issues would be the significance of better prefer out of cultural range when you look at the island’s population therefore the need certainly to up-date the latest guides, textbook material, exercises and you can guidance tips, and then have extracurricular products in order to mirror which alter.

Women independence

Also that it trend has a tendency to continue due to the fact Dominican feamales in Puerto Rico like those on the continental Us often postpone going back house, partially due to their reluctance to lose the degree of independency he has got attained traditions abroad due to the fact wives, moms and dads, and experts.